Experienced Information Security Professional

Ensuring compliance, strategic direction, customer-oriented approach.

Seasoned Information Security professional with a track record of excellence spanning diverse industries. Committed to information security, strategic alignment, and fostering a culture of trust and adaptability.

As a Senior Manager of Information Security, excelling in ensuring compliance with RBI Master Directions and PCI-DSS efforts. His leadership is characterized by effective management, strategic direction, alignment with business goals, a customer-oriented approach, and unwavering ethics.


As an Onsite Compliance Officer at Kyndryl, I played a pivotal role in ensuring governance, risk, and compliance for Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) project, fostering collaboration, and facilitating ISO 27001 surveillance audit.

Roshan has worked closely with American Express for five years, conducting Security Architecture Reviews and Third-Party Security Assessments. Additionally, he has led a team at IBM, assessing Data Security and Privacy for over 240 projects and contributing to ISO 27001 re-certification audits.

At Wipro, Roshan served as a Team Lead for Information Systems Audit, establishing IT governance and leading audits. He also worked as a Sr. Internal Auditor, contributing to critical audits and the Information Systems Audit framework. His experience covers IT audit, security, and risk assessment, highlighting his professional growth and expertise in the field.